The THP concept is built upon providing a simple solution to solve your business problems, the #1 being that your clients can find the images they need with no complications and a fast response. We offer a system based on easy-to-understand principles: image search by collections, categories of content and image providers, as well as search

results presented in very flexible galleries from conventional thumbnails to seamlessly tiled surfaces to help clients see the quality of the images.

There are five key components that makes the THP easy to adopt and beneficial to use:



Content management in the cloud offers greater flexibility for changing business needs, reduced IT costs and faster deployment speeds. The THP can store your content and make it available to all or only selected members of the THP Community.

The THP approaches content storage and accessibility in a fresh new way, providing security, speed and savings. This cloud possibility enables you to maximize the value of all your content by providing intuitive accessibility, infrastructural resilience and cost-effectiveness.


Owning a website comes with certain responsibilities; you can’t just build it and forget about it. Regular website maintenance is a must if you want your site to be successful. It also keeps your site secure; websites can get hacked and therefore lose visitors and traffic.

Defend yourself from losing everything. Prevent disgruntled users due to malfunctioning websites or broken links to images. Keep regular visitors happy by giving them fresh, updated information and exciting news. If you find that maintaining your website is tedious, cumbersome or expensive, THP WEBs can save you from all that hassle. Choose from a wide range of configuration options that will give your clients a nice surprise. The THP will take care of all maintenance work while you only need to close sales.


The THP search engine is a software system designed to search for visual information and present the results as search engine results pages, commonly known as SERPs. The information may be a mix of images, videos, and vectors. The THP keyword-based search engine is legendary in the industry, offering a rainbow of possibilities with multiple filters and enabling the display of results by categories, collections of images and many other options, satisfying the most intransigent of users.

But if all that is still not enough, our soon-to-be-implemented Visual Image Search, will offer you an innovative way of finding images. Instead of keywords, drag and drop a picture onto the search box and the engine will find the exact same image or similar ones to the one you are looking for.


The need to enable IT applications and services to communicate with each other is essential in this modern era of data and information. Building application bridges between content providers, as well as integrating 3rd party software can pose many challenges. Creating specific implementations for both client (you) and server (THP) often restricts the type of changes that can be made to already functioning systems. Existing systems and business processes cannot be disrupted while attempting to create these new integrations.

The THP/API FIND allows your website to interoperate with millions of other images without having to physically receive, process, index and cross reference them in your system. You get all the benefits of business-to-business integration without having to alter your programs too much or impact your existing applications and services. Everything is handled seamlessly as goes from the sending application (THP/API FIND) to the receiving application (your website).


There is more! Displaying certain images in your database in a predetermined order is no problem at all with THP / API INJECTION. By means of our ingestion API you will be able to obtain Low-Res images for you to store in your own database, distribute, classify and display however you want in your website and get the High Resolution files when you´ll need them to deliver to a client.