THP Photo Services, an IT division of age fotostock, helps businesses compete globally in the stock photography industry. The system blends the knowledge and expertise of the 43 years in which age fotostock has been in the market licensing images, together with technologically solid and advanced tools for doing business. THP Photo Services acts independently and serves clients and providers of images around the world. One of its clients is, naturally, age fotostock.

age fotostock is an independent Spanish photo agency with offices in New York, Paris, Barcelona and Madrid. The core of its business is the licensing of reproduction rights for Royalty Free, Low Budget Royalty Free and Rights Managed images, videos and vectors. The company distributes its content worldwide through a solid network of more than 80 agents who know that age fotostock not only offers the warranty that a known brand can, but that this brand is synonym of the best selected collections of images in the world.






This is the 30th year of Dinodia and we have been with Age FotoStock since virtually the beginning, which is before the world wide web. We were the first photo library of India which was run on International lines thanks to all the guidance and support from Mr. Alfonso Gutierrez and his team. We have been able to survive in this fiercely competitive world with the high quality images and the backbone of THP which is constantly being improved. Cannot live without THP. Look forward to life time of co-operation with THP and age footstock.

Jagdish Agarwal, Founder, Dinodia Photo Library, India

In the early 00s a dream came true. How could we, a small agency in a even smaller country, handle the transition from analogue to digital? How could we pool all our represented images and show them in a nice way to clients? How could we implement eComm and video clips? The answer always was, and still is: THP! This technology is extremely solid, the support excellent and numerous new developments are often realised before we dare to dream of them. Many thanks to the relentless team in Barcelona!

Stefan Wittwer, director of Prisma, Switzerland

maXx Images has been working with THP for almost a decade now. Over the ten years it has become the cornerstone of our technology platform providing an innovative and cost effective image deployment solution. Our continued patronage is a testament to not only the technology itself, but to the professional and attentive support we continually receive.

Dave Maquignaz, President of maXx Images Inc., Canada

We would like to state the THP Photo Services that Age Fotostock is offering has been a great asset to our business and something which has helped us survive and prosper in this competitive market place. Age Fotostock has always been at the forefront of innovative features on the THP and look forward to continued support as always. We really appreciate the professionalism of all team and gentleness in the relationship. Great team and service!

Nelson Molinari Junior, Easypix, Brasil

THP = High technological level
Easy usage
Brilliant tools
Absolutely competitive with that of the other great agencies, let me say even better in ceartain fields
With the help of THP easier to work with A.G.E and with the other distributors of A.G.E., and at last but least with the clients
Continuous development
To be one step ahead

We can only say thank you to age fotostock and the IT department for their knowledge, and the fact, that they share it with us!

SAFA Ltd, Hungary

Our Agency is working with age fotostock’s technology for more than 9 years. THP is very quick and simple solution for eComm business. THP covers today all our needs to be competitive and There isn’t any other application like THP.

Our business developed very fastly together with THP. We can have all features which we needs for eCoMM business easily. From this pre-THP area until now the quality and strategy of age couldn’t have been better. İn Turkey , Having same service takes too much time and it is too expensive. They offer Excellent support, no language barriers, a great IT department that constantly advances the programs and at last but not least very nice people behind the project, that’s THP.

Engin Kureli, director of Dijital Imaj, Turkey